We welcome you to the Communion Forest Community : Connect, Share and Pray.

This will be a series of sharing from Churches across the Communion on various practices in line with the Communion Forest’s objectives of practical action, spirituality and advocacy. These will be bi-monthly (every two months) sessions hosted by the Communion Forest and interpreted in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and French). Due to the wide time range of the globe, the sessions will be replicated in two sessions on the same day. We will be having the first session happening on Thursday April 27, 2023 at 8am UTC (interpreted in English, French & Arabic) and 4pm UTC (interpreted in English, Portuguese & Spanish).

This first event will focus on Growing Trees to Celebrate Special Occasions as a practice of ‘weaving creation care in our lives of faith’ which is one of the 4 objectives of Communion Forest and we will be hearing from the Province of Kenya, Malawi in the Anglican Church of Central Africa, the Diocese of Washington, the Diocese of California, the San Francisco and the Diocese of Cork Cloyne and Ross, Ireland.

These are the registration links:

16H UTC(GMT): https://bit.ly/27-04-23-1600