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What is the Anglican Communion?

The Anglican Communion is one of the world’s largest Christian communities. It has tens of millions of members in more than 165 countries around the globe. Anglicanism is one of the traditions or expressions of Christian faith. Others include Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran and Baptist.

The Communion is organised into a series of provinces and extra-provincial areas. The provinces are subdivided into dioceses, and the dioceses into parishes.

There are 41 provinces and, from March 2019, five extra-provincial areas. See here for a full list. Some provinces are national, others are regional. All are in communion – or a reciprocal relationship – with the See of Canterbury and recognise the Archbishop of Canterbury as the Communion’s spiritual head.

But there is no central authority in the Anglican Communion. All of the provinces are autonomous and free to make their own decisions in their own ways – guided by recommendations from the four Instruments: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Primates’ Meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council.

What is the Lambeth Conference?

The Lambeth Conference is a gathering of bishops from across the Anglican Communion for prayer and reflection, fellowship and dialogue on church and world affairs. Meeting around every ten years since 1867, the Lambeth Conference is one of the four Instruments of Unity in the Anglican Communion. The 2022 meeting will be the 15th Lambeth Conference. Over six hundred bishops (and their wives or husbands) will travel to the conference. They will represent dioceses and Christian communities from around 165 countries of the Anglican Communion – one of the largest Christian communities in the world.

How do I get involved?

You can sign up to get updates and resources and also get started by clicking here

Where can I get funding?

There is no funding available for project through the Communion Forest initiative itself. There is support available from the team to help you fund your project. Contact us here for support.

How does my project become part of the Communion Forest?

If you are engaged in Christian motivated creation care for landscapes (forests, grasslands, wetlands, peatlands etc) then you can be part of the Communion Forest. To enable full participation and to allow for locally appropriate solutions there are no set criteria to meet. The expectation is for careful consideration, planning and consultation to create impactful projects. The Communion Forest coordinators can support you in planning and delivering your projects.

Are there any costs involved in joining the Communion Forest?

No, there are no registration fees or any other associated costs.

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