Our Connect, Share, & Pray online gatherings are opportunities for people from across the Anglican Communion to hear from one another about what they are doing in the areas of tree growing and ecosystem conservation, protection and restoration, to ask questions and to pray together.

In April, we held our first Connect, Share, Pray session and focused on tree growing for special occasions. We had three wonderful presentations. Each was from a different region of the Communion; one was long-established, the other two much newer; one was at national level, one diocesan and one parish.

You can view the recording of the whole session here: Connect, Share, Pray: Tree Growing for Special Occasions.

The individual presentations are here:

Revd Andrew Orr, Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, talking about the diocese’s tree growing initiative for confirmations, in partnership with Reforest Nation: recording here.

Revd Dennis Nthenge, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Kenya, talking about reforestation in Kenya and how the Anglican Church of Kenya connects special occasions with tree growing. Recording here.

Revd Mary Sebold, Deacon of St Dunstan’s Episcopal Church Episcopal Diocese of Washington, USA talking about Saplings for Sacraments, a brand-new initiative inspired by last October’s Communion Forest webinar. Recording here.